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Ph.D Ultimate Guide: Entrance Exam, Writing Research Proposal & Interview (Guide for Beginners)

[Music] this video I’m going to talk about how to apply for PhD and how to write a research proposal for the same I don’t know that all the students who are applying for net exam some will they might want to do PhD in some point in their life but since this PHP thing is a very new space for them they’re really worried they don’t know how to fill her fee into the application form how to go about within it what are they going to say on the day of the interview they are not sure about how to write a research proposal how to pick up a topic for PhD research and a lot of questions which keep on bombarding their brain so I thought of making a video in which in a step-by-step manner I can tell you each and every thing that we want to know how about PhD so for your convenience and provided this video in two sections in the first part I am going to talk about how to apply for PhD in any university or college so I’m going to tell you all the steps that you need to take and the entire procedure of PhD in the second part of the video I’m going to talk about research proposal in detail so I’m going to give you all the guidelines for writing a good research proposal how to choose your topic and then how to organize your research proposal and can typically and how to write it in a particular format so what’s this video too bad because if you look forward to do PSB in future I’m sure this video is going to help you out so you really aspiring to become a research scholar there are a few things that we need to know and there are a few steps that you need to take before you get yourself enrolled as a research scholar in the university now this process might seem tiresome but I’m telling you that it is way more simpler you have you must start imagine so broken down in five steps so that you can know where to start and where to end the first step is that making a list of all the universities where you wish to apply for PhD so whatever your subject may be you need to have a word with your professors or maybe with your friends and then finalize the list of colleges or universities where you wish to apply for PhD step number two is visit the website all these universities that you have listed down and then one by one jot down the dates where their PhD forms would be releasing for example if you are looking forward to do PhD in English and you might want to do it from Delhi University or maybe from John they are all from genu then just go to these websites and there’s a section or a specific section for PhD scorners where you can see all the recent notification and you can see when are they going to release the form for the PhD admissions so just draw down the names of those colleges as well as the date when their forms will be released and before that they keep on checking their website on a regular basis so that we know if that’s any update there’s no other way you can know about the PhD entrance forms unless and until you go to their website and check it yourself now the third important step that you take is to fill the application form once the application forms are released on the website of the college or university where you wish to apply for PhD you need to fill the application form at the earliest don’t wait for the last date it’s better to fill it in the initial days so that’ll ruin face and we saw every issue or any other issue now once you fill in your application form you need to take care of a few things now move on to keep all your documents stand okay in your computer folder before your said to fill the application form because you know one goes to all the universities and fallenness they are going to ask for the stand copy of your event stand copy of your signature all the sand definite graduation and post-graduation mug sheets so you need to have that in place apart from that also understand that there are few universities in India where do we do submit a research proposal while you’re filling in the PhD application form okay because you might have this motion in your mind that okay we need to submit a research proposal on the day of the interview know there are a few universities right that universities where you need to submit your research proposal on the day when you’re submitting your PhD application form so always have that ready with you how would you relate it what are the guidelines what are the things you need to have in mind when writing a research proposal are going to discuss all of that in the next section so just patiently wait for that section to come the fourth step is the written test or the entrance test now once you fill the application form keep visiting the website of that University on a North so I can get to know when are they conducting the entrance test there are a few universities where you need to sit for the entrance test and thank for the interview whereas if you have your next certificate in a few universities you will be exempted from the written test because you have already cleared hoobnet exam and you’ve been clinically sit for the interview so be sure what is the process of the university in which you are applying if you need to sit for the infants you have to prepare well for the entrance most of the time the syllabus that you’ve studied for net exam would be very similar to the syllabus for the PhD entrance as well or in case if you already have PhD or you have the next of the ticket and your University exempts you from the entrance test you just need to wait for the notification of interview to be released on their website and finally we come to the fifth set that is interview so the day of the interview you just need to have all the original documents lined up in your folder in a file which you are going to carry because you submit a copy of that before you go and sit for the interview apart from that there are a few things you need to remember for the interview number one you need to have a thorough command or your subject so get all your basics right you need to know about your masters about all the things you’ve studied in your masters with this most of the questions are going to come from that apart from that I’m also going to ask you a lot of questions about your research proposal so make sure you have not copy and pasted your research proposal from some internet websites because they are going to catch him you need to understand the fact that research proposal is your baby so it should be your ideas it should contain your vision your objectives you will take references from various sites from various friends but at the end you make sure that you have written it so once you give your interview after a few days you find that they’re going to announce a list to tackle it it’s who they have selected for PhD and the list is going to was probably be released on their website you can check the list if you are lucky to have your name in that list then you should celebrate because that is when you get to know that you have finally managed to get yourself admitted as research scholar in that University and after that or there are a lot of other things that you need to do you need to go through a period of coursework then there would be a presentation when you’re going to talk about your research proposal finally your topic would be finalized then you have a face-to-face interaction with your guide you will start writing about the research that you’re doing you’re going to chapter are you said if you’re going to talk either I use it and all these things are going to smoothly happen because once you get yourself enrolled in any good University it’s the duty of that University and the guide to take you through this process because they also know that it’s it you you’ve just managed to clear all post-graduation course okay and now this research field is given to you so they are for you to tell you each and everything about it the only thing you need to focus right now is this fantastic journey that you have to take all by yourself there is nobody to guide you at the school once you pass the interview you get selected after that you will have the entire University team that is going to help you in the next couple of years now that we have known how to apply in a university for PhD it’s important for you to understand how to write a research proposal I’ve been receiving a lot of phone calls on a daily basis there’s two bills ask me please suggest a topic for research proposal please tell me how to write a research proposal so I thought that it’s high time I should make a video so that everybody can know how this entire thing takes place so off we you to understand how to write a research proposal at pointa okay with the score at Collinwood now all the parts of the sampoorna world is going to tell you one of the things you need to incorporate in a research proposal because it’s a very systematic thing it’s pornos a format and once you write everything in the format of meat then the university is going to accept your research proposal so let’s start with the T so T stands for Titan the first important thing in your research proposal is the title of your research so what are you going to research it should be concise and it should be meaningful you should not write an entire paragraph as a title or else you should not leave it very open-ended okay so it should be very concise as well as it should be meaningful it should tell what exactly are you researching on the next introduction which stands with I okay so introduction is going to include all the basic facts about your research and your research area which is the area where you are researching you are also going to add about the area and the importance of that in here why you have chosen that area for research how is it going to benefit the humankind plus you are also going to add a few things about the motivation so what motivated you to take that idiom okay for example I am do you or PhD research right now and the topic of my research is myth as a political philosophy in the works of the epic novel so my area is in in my quality and there’s a huge motivation behind it because I’ve been brought up in a very religious family and I’ve been reading a lot about them in my ecology and muharram so that is what excites me and I’m really passionate about knowing more and more about it so that is where the motivation part comes from and that is what I have to include an introduction the third thing is with B we have problem statements now what is the problem statement a problem statement is going to tell about the issues that you will to address in your research what is the problem that you are looking at and you are going to talk about it in a very clear and concise manner the next is your objectives now what is objective objective is the motive while you are doing the research what are the benefits that we’re going to deny it after this research so basically the University which is going to take you as a research scholar they are going to ask you that why should they allow you to do this research like what is the objective what are you going to do for the benefit of the mankind so basically you need to write five to six objective and that is the cue so whenever we do anything we ask ourself any Q continue okay so that Q is the objective so it is the motive and the benefit that is going to come out of this research so after objective the next important thing you need to mention in your research proposal the literature review so you need to tell the college or the university professors about what already has been done in your field of research for example if my topic is indeed my apology I need to talk about all the research which has already be done I wanna make my college if how my research is different from them there’s no point doing the same thing all over again it’s submarines actually done the same thing then I cannot research on the same topic because then what am I going to do everything about that topic has already been found by that person so in literature review you are going to talk about all the research work that has already been done in your field and how your research is going to be different from that and how you were not able to find certain answers in their research and that is why you’re going to answer those things in your research so that is about the literature tweaking we move on to the next topic which is research methodologies now what is research methodology research methodology basically talks about this tools and the methods that you are used that you’re going to use in the course of your research if order to solve the problem that you have in your hand so for example if I’m talking about it as a vehicle of philosophy in the works of data but now I’m going to use mid criticism I’m going to use psychoanalytical criticism in order to study the works of they defer time similarly you can use case study so way in order to gather information about what’s the problem and finally move the words the solution so that is for you to be there written in the research methodology last but not the least we move on to the section which is called references we all know that there’s a limit human brain we cannot know everything when I hope you’re researching on anything how going to take help from various sources and it is our duty to tell everybody about the sources from which we have taken health so all the sources are mentioned in the references section and there’s a particular study in which you mention all these writers I still remember that giving my graduation I was going to research in the field of psychology and there was this particular format we used to always use while we were giving a references to the books and to the writers and that was known as the American Psychological Association so APA style we were using superiority in different fields you have different styles of referencing so you need to either buy that style and accordingly you need to cite all the people from which you have taken inspiration from which you have taken some facts and you have shared it in your research proposal so I am believing that the video turns out to be a bit boring because it had so much information that I want you to give you but I’m sure that this information is going to help you if you are able to do PhD in any codes university or college I’m wishing you all the best for your future in the world stay tuned to our to the carotid confident don’t forget to subscribe to this channel we have very close to get 1 lakh subscribers and that would be a big thing for us so do support us and you can also follow us on the social media platform if you are propelling the UGC net English then you can go to my website article calm and check out the online course we are offering you so that’s it for this video lecture we are going to beach very soon in the next video lecture there is a curve in each next happy learning keep lab unit rate off and stay tuned I pick a car but calm [Music]
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